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Residents of, and Visitors ( & potential visitors ) to, Edinburgh.
This is not just a web site to thrill you with merely the various beauty spots of Edinburgh but, it is, most of all, a site to provide for your material needs whilst staying in Edinburgh, whether that is on a long, or short term basis. This site has been in existance since 1999 and I make no apology for the fact that these pages are constantly changing.
Part of the joy of Edinburgh is that although the city is rapidly changing and mostly improving itself it somehow manages to remain constant and a place of peace & tranquility.
I have tried to cover all aspects of life in Edinburgh and the things you might like or require while in Edinburgh.
There are so many things to do in Edinburgh, and i've tried to cover most of them but if you can think of a category I have missed or havent covered properly then please send me your suggestions and i'll do my best.

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This is a new link created especially for our culture vultures.

I've had a few things pointed out to me that are around on utube regarding edinburgh so here are some really good links. This first was suggested by you tube user Allthingsscotland and is an excellant wee vid Edinburgh the facinating city . This led to finding this one Hogmanay Celebrations torchlight procession and in turn this also Edinburgh Military Tattoo fireworks
There are lots of vids on youtube.com regarding Edinburgh. A wee search is all you need and i'll be happy to link to any that are recommended
For links with a slightly longer description you can click on any of the following boxes:-
A list & some links to Edinburgh's best eating places. Ranges from sandwiches to haute cuisine. Something to suite the carnivores, vegitarians & vegans.
A list of the traditional, trendy, real ale, noisy, quiet, student, poser, bars in Edinburgh
This contains a list of night clubs, theatres, casinos, pools, gyms, saunas, solariums,music halls, football pitches, sports complexes etc etc
Click on link for those interested in Folk Music as it is possibly the best folk club in the world
From rare art and antiques to dog collars for mastifs (alternative attire). A growing list of Edinburgh's shopping opportunities
A list of superior Edinburgh places to stay
Or direct links to Edinburgh Hotels
Edinburgh Budget Accommodation

Book your Hogmanay Accommodation now for Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2014
A list of places, with photographs, to visit in Edinburgh and were possible links to their individual site.
A list of places to worship and if relevant their service times
A list of places that are for sale
For Sale By Owners

Edinburgh Town House For Sale

A list of places that are looking for employees
A list of qualified tradesmen advertising their skills on the internet
This site is for kids. Places for them to go, visit and play including cinemas
This part has information on famous Edinburgh Folk,past and present and also has a section to help folk keep in touch.
Check out the best Edinburgh Folk Club and the Photos taken during the gigs
This page has some links to the various webcams set up in and around Edinburgh. Please dont bother too much about the weather. The city is beautiful in rain ,hail and snow as well as when the sun shines
Computer Professionals This page has some links to C.Vs for computer professional in the Edinburgh area who are always on the lookout for contract work. Edinburgh Christmas
This page has all the Christmas related information for Edinburgh

Edinburgh Arts & Crafts

Edinburh college of art 3rd year 2005 crafts entries.
I will set up a page for arts and crafts sometime in the future. Meanwhile take a look at some of the good stuff produces by the students of ECA
Link for group of independants called Nustart Brunstane
Online Booking Edinburgh.
Book a bed
A list with some links for Edinburgh local bands

Wedding entertainment and wedding bands scotland
We have a list with links of all of Edinburgh's Festivals.

To see whats on in Edinburgh right now Click Here
Tour Guides
We have a list with links of Scottish Tourist Guides.
Please note the this site will only ever deal with Edinburgh. If we ever branch out to doing other bits of Scotland they will have their very own sites also. Meanwhile we are pleased to offer some hopefully interesting links for you.
Jennings Ford in Edinburgh find fords for sale in Edinburgh
For a great dining experience, residents and visitors, should take a wee trip to the Royal Mile and there visit Wedgewood, where the food is great and the service sublime.
I've just added this wee page on the history of Edinburgh. I wrote it about 8 years ago & then promptly forgot all about it. Perhaps the wife is right about my early(?) senility.

Some useful links pertaining to Edinburgh and some for Edinburgh Accommodation and how you can Book a bed ahead in Edinburgh and even find one that has off peak 3 for 2 deals

If you provide accommodation in Edinburgh and we have missed you out of our free listings it is only through oversite. Please email us with your details if you would like to be included to includes@edinburgh-places.co.uk especially if you provide Edinburgh guest house accommodation
If you are looking for budget accommodation in edinburgh you could do worse than clicking here, or if you need a last minute booking in Edinburgh it can be done by clicking here or check out all Edinburgh accommodation at visit.edinburgh-scotland.biz but both are best viewed with firefox or google chrome.
If you plan to move to Edinburgh, and may we suggest that is probably one of the best moves you could ever make, we do have a couple of places listed here that are Edinburgh places for sale by owners
If you have any enquiries regarding advertising on this site please direct your emails to queries@edinburgh-places.co.uk but please remember we dont act as a replacement for directory enquiries nor do we act as a booking agency.
We also cannot answer individual queries regarding things to do or places to go,eat,drink,stay etc.
Please direct your enquiries to the establishments advertised on our pages

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We hope you find this site useful and we would be obliged if you remember to mention
Edinburgh Places in any correspondance
Meanwhile all the people of Edinburgh should be supporting our local folk club, Edinburgh Folk Club ( probably the best folk club in the world ).
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