Computer Professionals of Edinburgh - Scotland

If you fall into the above category then Edinburgh-places will list your c.v. for you free of charge, providing you format it in html yourself and keep it to less than 30k in size. If you every get any work due to this promotion we have a number of favourite charities you can contribute to by way of saying thanks.
Name & Wants
C.V Link
David Greig
Mainframe work in/around Edinburgh Would prefer short contracts but willing to consider most work
Prefers technical over P.M roles .
  • 32 years in I.T
  • Mostly Mainframe but some P.C
  • Systems Programmer
  • Reluctant Project Manager
  • Mainframe Printing
    AFP/AFPDS Specialist
  • Cobol and Assembler
  • Analyst Programming
  • Operations Analyst
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Infaweb Offer Seo Edinburgh
website design and
internet marketing services.
Narelle Lewis
IT consultant
  • Web design -- xhtml, html, css, JavaScript (4 yrs)
  • Database development -- MS Access (3 yrs)
  • Desktop publishing -- Adobe PageMaker (2 yrs)
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Michael George Judge
  • Brake Fix Field Engineer
  • Infrastructure Support Consultant
  • MBCS / MCP
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If you want to be listed here please send relevant information to suggestions with an html file attached.

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