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This is a list by area, starting at the city centre, of the pubs & bars that service our great city.
There are not many links here as pubs in Edinburgh in the main dont advertise on the net ( yet ). Oh well I'll have to think of another way of making a living.
As most tourists head for the Royal Mile for the historical & cultural facts about Edinburgh so too will we start our journey from the top of the mile close to the Castle and procede downward to the foot of the mile close to the palace.

The High Street

The Sheep Heid Inn ewart 43-45 The Causeway
EH15 3QA
Tel: 0131 661 7974
Ensign Ewart ewart Sorry no link for this pub
Jolly Judge jolly No links to this bar
Deacon Brodies Can you see a pattern
Filling Station lots of places too busy to bother
Covenanters with an online prescence
Valentines no forward thinking
still all is not lost
Scotsman Lounge
scotsman there are some who sense the future
The Bank
some with the undeniable spirit of adventure
The Mitre
mitre some who will seek the unknown
The Royal Mile tavern
Royal Mile Tavern
This is an old menu but information is still correct
Worlds End
alas no links here
The Tass
None here
White Horse
Probably never be one here
Canons Gait
Hope springs eternal
Tolbooth Tavern
tool Malcolms Haunt
Jennie Ha's
hawes finish r.m. with another no link

Next we head briefly to Young Street for an old favourite
The Oxford Bar
8 Young St.
oxford Link under negotiation

Edinburgh pubs have always been synonimous with Rose Street and although it has lost a bit of ground with the locals it is still a hugely popular place with many facinating bars. Will add some Pictures soon(ish)

Rose Street Pubs
From East to West
The Abbotsford
3-5 Rose Street
0131 225 5276

Built originally for Jenners across the street, this early 1900 listed building was designed by Henderson who also did Leslies in Ratcliffe Terrace. Island bar, restaurant food upstairs with good menu including Cullen Skink. Real ales, good selection of whiskies. A beautiful pub architecturally with a real Edinburgh feel and a real fire for the cauld dreek Edinburgh winter nights.

Rhodes & Co Brasserie and Bar
13-15 Rose Street
EH2 2YJ 0131 220 9190
Jenners owned, this up-market bar sports elegant bar stools, French style beer fonts and buckets of champagne. Happy hour from 5-7pm.

Milne's Bar
Milne's Bar
35, Hanover St and 21 Rose Street
0131 225 6738
Once the drinking hole of famous and emerging poets, including one ex art teacher of mine Joke Coleman and his good buddy Charles Martin - a history teacher, with photos and documents to prove it. Frequented from the 50's by McDairmid, McCaig and the likes, it boasts a 'Little Kremlin' room. A basement entrance on Hanover Street and continental style open-up front onto Roase Street with seats outside. Very lively at weekends and a range of good beers.

Robertson's 37 Bar
37, Rose St
0131 225 6185
Established 1901 and still famous for its long gantry of whiskies.

The Rose Street Brewery
55 Rose St
0131 220 1227
Used to be the White Cockade many years ago. Like so many pubs in the area nowadays it has an 'open-out' front that make the bar part of the street and vice versa. However it retains its traditional look and feel. Orginally a pub that brewed its own real ales.

The Auld Hundred 100 Rose Street
Fascinating old style pub on two levels with loads of neuks and crannies. Imaginative use of street no. fo its name

110-114 Rose St
0131 225 3297
Nice central island bar with imaginative bar meals and snacks. Pictures of RL Stevenson (Alan Breck, Kidnapped) and a cosy room off. Lively at weekends but still a good place for a chat. Some cask ale, range of whiskies and wines. Was the Goblet which was one of the 'in' places of the 60's/70's set and where I spent many a happy night when I was young. Its two bars were knocked into one.

The Black Rose Tavern
49, Rose St
0131 220 0414
The black rose is a rock bar with a unique jukebox serving a full food menu all day, with free wi-fi.
email : edward@blackrosetavern.com
blackrose www.blackrosetavern.com

Metros/Mr Q's
Billed as a 'Metro Fun Pub' , there is pool, all day food and DJ on Saturdays. Downstairs club feel.

The Kenilworth
152 Rose Street
0131 226 4835
Dating from about 1900 as a pub, but going back further, the Kenilworth has retained and built on its charm over the years. In the 70's was popular as a gay bar. Now a mixture of locals and tourists. Real ales, food all day and family and children room. Worth pausing outside to admire the first floor windows.

Filthy McNasty's
Rose Street
Bills itself as a 'Braw Heilin Howff' which is usually heavin.Big window that opens out onto the street.

The Gordon Arms
135 Rose Street
You'll find regulars in all Rose Street pubs, but the Gordon Arms makes being a local an art. Through all the phases of Rose Street it has managed to stay almost exactly the same with a reputation of a no-nonsense pub. Small traditional bar with authentic interior, cottage-style plate shelf and an imposing gantry.

The Rose and Crown
170, Rose St
0131 225 4039
Used to be a favourite of mine before it was modernised but its still a popular wee bar.

178a, Rose St
0131 220 3933
Tartan seats back on to a window that opens out to the street. A lively pub in a lively part of the street.

Dirty Dick's
159, Rose St
0131 225 4610
Imaginative traditional look on the sight of an older bar. Variety of real ales well kept and food served all day. Almost as much a restaurant as a pub with seating out on to Rose Street. Despite its size it has a cosy almost rural feel with dark wood and musical instruments hanging up. Takes its beer and food seriously. Friendly service. Sister pub to Clever Dicks in the Royal Mile.


0131 225 7401
Largely unchanged over the years, a traditional corner pub with the bar unusually backing on to the street side. Real ales, range of wines and food served. Was 'Ma Scott's' after the famous Mrs Scott who was one of three not-to-be-messed-with women publicans of the Abbotsford and Old Chain Pier.

Bars Close to Rose St. that are worth a visit
The Burgh
7 South St Andrew Street
Traditional style pub, recently refurbished and opened as a smoke free pub, serving freshly cooked food all day, inc breakfast. It has a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Bar 38
126-28 George St
0131 220 6180
Another trendy converted bank or office. Food all day is good but pricey. This is an up market and 'cool' bar so no real ales.

Cafe Royal
19, West Register St
0131 556 1884
A must. Central island bar, famous Doutlon tiled walls, good variety of real ales and beers and of clientele. Dating from 1862 it is an Edinburgh institution that almost went the way of the hideous St James centre when Woolworths wanted it in the 60's. Circle Bar, a famous screen and the Oyster Bar upstairs.

Fibber Magees
24, Howe St
0131 220 2376
Big Irish bar but lots of little neuks and cubicles for a quiet more tete a tete time. Big range of beers and food served.

Guildford Arms
1, West Register St
0131 556 4312
Selection of regular and guest real ales in a beautiful and well refurbished Victorian Edinburgh pub. Food served but not to children. Revolving door warning. Somewhat spoiled recently by the addition of some incredibly bright lighting but then maybe I'm a purist.

South St David Street
0131 524 0051
Victorian style theme in a modern building. Before refurbishment a while ago it was a contemporary 'designer' bar of its day in the 60's. Named after the Sir Walter Scott novel, the bar is just up from the Scott Monument on Princes Street. Keg beer, 10 or so wines, food all day.

Jekyll & Hyde
112, Hanover St
0131 225 2022
Theme pub on lots of different levels and wee neuks, quite exciting really if you like that sort of thing.

O'Neill's Irish Bar
99, Hanover St
0131 225 0911

Penny Black
17, West Register St
0131 556 1106

Queen's Arms
49, Frederick St
0131 225 1045
Traditional and unpretentious basement bar with lots of Scottish history on the wall - not contrived but built up over the years (perhaps not dating quite back to Mary Queen of Scots). Real ales, good whisky selection.

The Standing Order
62-66 George St
0131 225 4460
One of the new huge barns converted from a bank. Smaller rooms off (good for group nights out) and a no smoking area. Corporate type menu but good food. Range of beers sold at ridiculously welcome low prices at certain times and nights, especailly when there is a big sporting event eg rugby.

3 Tuns Rock Bar
There is something for everybody at The Three Tuns nightly from Karaoke, Live bands to Open Mic Nights
Checkout their website at www.threetunsedinburgh.co.uk
7-11, Hanover St
(0131) 225 8998. Open 7 days 12pm - 1am

Mood Entertainment Bar
At the Omni Centre on Greenside Place Mood class themselves as the No. 1 party venue. Open late and does Gay/Straight friendly night as well as Student Nights
Tel: 0131 550 1640
Fax: 0131 550 1641

Tiles Cafe Bar Bistro
1 St. Andrew Square
0131 558 1507
Original art-deco tiles, real ales and food all day. Very nice for a sit down during the day and watching the world go by.

especially for Laura Hird

Tynecastle Arms in Gorgie
A great wee community bar in sunny Gorgie with a great homepage showing some of the regulars you could meet if you stop in for a medicinal sherry. Click Here for a very interesting page on the pub and links to Laura's website.



Black Bull
The Honeypot
The Apex Hotel
The Last Drop
Biddy Millegans
Salza Bar
The Cowgate

I Must Checkout
The Bars left
Sometime Soon
Cockburn Street

Need to go down here again soon
George 4th Bridge & Connected Streets from South
The Doctors
xxxTrendy Pubxxx
Sandy Bells
Grey Friars Bobby
xxxTrendy Pubxxx
Irish Pub
xxxTrendy Pubxxx
xxxTrendy Pubxxx

St. Joining George 4th & Grassmarket
xxxTrendy Pub at top
Finnegans Wake
xxxTrendy Pubxxx
xxxTrendy Pubxxx
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