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This site will hopefully be used by the Edinburgh-folk to announce to the world the birthdays of friends and family.
In order to show what you can do with this type of advert, Davie decided he would use his son Ben as an example of what he will do from now on for special birthdays. A standard announcement will be in the following format :-

Happy Birthday

Ben Greig

You are 14 Today

Here are some fotos of you as you are growing up You were a wee smasher Must take after your fathers side somewhere
We hope you have a fabulous day and that you dont get too embarassed by these photographs.
We are saving the ones of you in the buff on the sheepskin rug for when you bring your first girlfriend home.
We love you very much
love and kisses
Mum & Dad
Dom & Mhairi
Auntie Carol & Auntie Isobel
Uncle Gordon & Uncle Peter
Joan Mike & Debbie
Martin Graeme & Gemma
Peter & Diane
Louise Alyce & Jimmy

The above ad with your wording and pictures is available for £50.
The ad will run for one month and will be available on its own page. We will scan your photos for you if necessary.
Please Phone for full details on 0131 667 2344 or email us at babies@edinburgh-folk.co.uk

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The parts in red are a chargeable service and the others are free. I promise to spend at least 2 hours per week updating the free parts, not just because I'm a nice guy but also because I really enjoy the work and I love Edinburgh ( and a lot of the folk living here).
If you have any information that you think would be pertinent to any part of this site please let me know. If it is for any of the service parts ( ie schools, famous folk, reunions and links) you will be credited with providing the information. Please just send an email to includes@edinburgh-places.co.uk

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