Annette Crosbie OBE



Annette Crosbie OBE is widely known for her outstanding acting career. From "One Foot in The Grave" to her latest movie "Calendar Girls" and more than sixty other major film and television performances. But Annette's off-screen priority is dedicated to the welfare of animals - notably the plight of racing Greyhounds (of which she now has four rescued dogs of her own!). Her passionate work for Greyhound re-homing organisations, a recent documentary and her landmark speech at the 2003 Labour Annual Conference has placed Annette as the UK's foremost public voice for the welfare of racing Greyhounds. She is a member of the Retired Greyhound Trust Charity and loves her three Greyhound dogs Tatti, Honey and Bonny.

She had a strict Scottish Presbyterian upbringing and did not get on very well with her parents who disapproved of her acting career. Despite parental opposition, Annette took up a scholarship with the Bristol Old Vic when she was 17. When she later moved to London and joined the Old Vic company. She is divorced from actor Michael Griffiths and has two children, Owen Griffiths,and Selina Griffiths, (an actress). She lives in South West London.
She was awarded the O.B.E. (Officer of the British Empire) in 1998.
Further info regarding her T.V and Film works can be found here
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