Sir Patrick Geddes



A Scot who has been called the father of modern town planning, Geddes did much of his pioneering work in the Old Townof Edinburgh, having made his married home there in 1886. Geddes' name and spirit are imperishably associated with Ramsay Garden and the Outlook Tower, both in Castlehill.
He acquired the Outlook Tower in 1892, and it became the nerve centre from which his enlightened ideas on civics and country and town planning radiated.
In his Outlook Tower Geddes presented interpretations of city, region, continent and world: the message was that life had to be seen as a whole, with many sides in proper relation to each other. In planning, Geddes placed great emphasis on the importance of fostering neighbourhood and community.
In 1911 he created a milestone exhibition, Cities and Town Planning, which was studied appreciatively not only throughout Britain but also abroad. From 1920-23 he was Professor of Civics and Sociology at the University of Bombay, and in 1924 he settled at Montpellier, in France. He died there in 1932, having been knighted that year.

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