A Guide to EDINBURGH's Placesforkids

Edinburgh has many fabulous placesforkids ranging from some of the best parks and gardens ( which are free for everyone ) to the not so free cinemas, bowling and leisure centres.

We do not have any links to any of these places as yet because Edinburgh business has yet to waken up to the fact that the net is a cheap effective way to advertise their wares but we are trying to put together an index of the various places where kids like to hang out, play together, and have fun together. Like the other indices of edinburgh-places.co.uk this one will never be finished but will be added to as new placesforkids evolve.
Please feel free to point out any omissions on our part. They are as always not meant but mearly oversites.

Some of the best thing in Edinburgh are free even for kids so we will start of with a list of Edinburgh's freebies
The MeadowsBetween TollCross and NewingtonGreen fields
Little hills for walks and sledging in the snow
A pitch & putt ( scotlands oldest golf course )
Holyrood ParkLarge green part of townHills, green fields, loch, birds, great bits for sledging, fantastic walks, etc
Princes St. GardensCenter of TownFlowers, putting in summer, ice skating in winter , floral clock, great views and hills
Botanical GardensInverLeith Flowers, plants, trees, birds, squirrels, palm trees, hot houses, good cafe.
Blackford Hills South & Middle of townHills, pond, views, birds, trees, observatory
Swimming Facilities
Dalry....313 3964
Glenogle.343 6376
669 6888
667 7211
Leisure Centres
Bodytalk.288 2427
443 0101
Waterloo Place
557 5457
Pilton Drive
551 2400
658 1940
Jack Kane
669 0404
228 2141
661 5351
Hillend Ski
445 4433
ABC...228 1638
......453 1569
Cameo.228 2800
Dominion.447 2660
UCI...0870 603 4567
Odeon.0870 505 0007
Ice Rink.........346 3477
Jelly Club.......652 0212
Megabowl.........657 3731
Marcos Eurobowl..443 2111

Museum Of Childhood

Golden Hands..Silver Feet
Impressions of Hands & Feet
Tel 662 1390 (moira) or
665 8628 (nicky)

This will be added to once we have more information

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