Saint Thomas of Aquin's Ceilidh Band
Letter to Margaret Pinkman from Lesley Kerr assistant Fundraiser CLIC

Dear Margaret

Ceilidh - St Thomas Aquin's Ceilidh Band

It was super of you to come in with the wonderful cheque for 1016.80 raised by your Ceilidh. We really appreciated the way you took the time toorganise your friends in to having this lovely evening for CLIC.

Both Evie and I were so taken with the lovely family atmosphere and good music which made it a very memorable evening.

Please say our special thanks to Marion, Allan and all the Band who played so well and set such a joyous rhythm that my feet start tapping when I recollect their playing. We have kept the Band's card - watch out!

As you know our work is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions and your event will really make a difference to families with a child with either cancer or leukaemia. 700 funds a CLIC Homecare Nurse for a week and we hope to have three CLIC Nurses at the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids by the end of this year. It costs just under 400 to accommodate a family in CLIC Villa for a month, so I hope this helps to show how the money you raised will be spent.

With many thanks to you and your friends for this tremendous support.

Yours Sincerely

Lesley Kerr

Assistan Fundraiser
Cancer & Leukaemia In Childhood

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