Saint Thomas of Aquin's Ceilidh Band

The Community Ceilidh Band


The Ceilidh Band was established in September 1997. It involves students, staff, parents and friends of St. Thomas of Aquin's High School Edinburgh, who play a range of instruments - fiddle-guitar-accordian-flute-keyboard-bodhran. Initially the band played traditional music sets at school or parish events and have since extended their repertoire and audience. Since January 2000 the band has played ceilidhs in various community locations: church halls, schools, hotels etc:
several of these have raised funds for the homeless- children with leukaemia- Lourdes Trips- St. Columba's Hospice etc.
They also raise money for school funds and school activities.
The band still have many available dates so dont forget to contact
allan@st-tams-ceilidh-band.co.uk if you are interested in arranging a great night.

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Email us at allan@st-tams-ceilidh-band.co.uk
Or call Marian on 0131 669 3251 or Allan on 0131 555 3047

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