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Here at Edinburgh-placesfortradesmen are always happy to advertise good workmanship and so any recommendations we get we will put in the names trade and telephone no of the people involved free of charge.

Also Homeforce offers a range of of thoroughly vetted and appraised Edinburgh based tradespeople.
Name Trade Tel No.
A SmallPlumber466 0053
I R SmithPlumber672 1711
D NailPiano Tuner657 4169
M HarringtonDentist337 3936
D McCraeTourist Guide556 1757
P HartGas Fitter660 2186
A CoyleJoiner334 6687

If you have any horror stories of tradesmen we will also put those in but we will attribute the story to the individual presenting it and your address, phone no. and email address will be available on request. This is to safeguard ourselves.
Please remember...no reputable company will ask for payment for work done, before they have completed the work to your satisfaction.
Golden Rule
As a general rule never pay for work done until the job is completed to your satisfaction.
This practice should reduce the no. of horror stories we hear about.
1st Horror Story comes from the Greig Family of Minto Street
In October 1999 Mrs Susan Greig contacted Mr A Murry of Edinburgh Stone to repair the front steps of her guest house in Minto Street. The work was carried out but not to the Greigs' satisfaction. There is a line down the middle of the stairs, the colour is inconsistant, the fronts of the stairs are broken and the sides have not been done at all.
( They should have remembered the golden rule above )
Mr Murray of Edinburgh Stone assured the Greigs he would complete the work to their satisfaction when he returned from holiday. The Greigs paid in good faith and waited & waited. They repeatedly left messages on Edinburgh Stone's answering machine. Only when the threat of legal action was made did Mr Murray get back in touch. Mr Murray agreed his work was not acceptable to anyone and promised to make good on everything he had done. A date in mid December was mutually agreed and the Greigs refused bookings at their guest house for the agreed dates so the work could continue unimpaired.
A few days before the work was due to recommence the Greigs received a letter saying that due to bad weather Mr Murray had to reshedule and could the Greigs supply other dates. Two further sets were provided and Mr Murray agreed that he would complet the task during one of these dates. Suprisingly he failed to do so and the Greigs were left talking to answering machines and sending faxes until again legal action was threatened. Bad weather was again blamed and further assurance given and new dates asked for.
Jan 31st, Feb 1st & Feb 2nd were agreed when the work would take place even if the weather was bad. The Greigs meanwhile turned away business again for the due dates and on the week commencing 24th Jan asked for assurances on a daily basis that the work would be proceeding on the agreed dates. A fax was received by the Greigs saying the long range weather forcast was for bad weather and that Mr Murray was again postponing but still promising to carry out the work.
Mr Murry Refused to talk to the Greigs any further.
The Greigs are now having to take legal action to try to recover their money and have the work completed professionally.
So please remember the name
Mr A Murray and Edinburgh Stone
and that it has the dubious pleasure of being the cause of the 1st horror story Edinburgh-Places.co.uk has presented.
The case was eventually heard in the Sherrif Court and the case was found for the Greigs against Mr Murray. Full expenses was awarded in favour of the Greigs also.
Although this all happened at the end of August and full payment was due by 22nd November to date no payment has been made by Mr. Murray. Even although justice was seen to be done in the court there appears to be little Mr Greig can do to get his money back.
Further action was taken against Mr Murray and some recompense has been made but despite promises, suprise suprise, Mr Murray has not made full repayment. Mr Greig will be taking further action to recover what is due to him.

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